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Has anyone else felt like January has been 4 months long all on its own? I seriously feel like I have been in this month forever! Maybe I’m crazy y’all. With the cold months dragging on and summer feeling even further away I have been seeking out the perfect look without spending tons of money on spray tans and Sephora.

I dread the winter months for many reasons but one of the top ones is that my skin turns pasty and pale (No offense to other people who share this lovely trait) I just feel like I look tired and sick all season. This year for the first time I decided to attempt fake tanner. (I know, I know, que the laughter) After experimenting with some different types and brands and turning a few different shades of orange, I actually found a tanner that I really do love that gives me a natural glow without making me look like 2012 Snookie. Introducing: Jergens Instant sun tanning mouse! I’m serious when I say that this tanner makes you look so naturally tan. No streaks, no orange tint, and it lasts for about a week usually. Another huge positive to Jergens is that a bottle will usually run you about $12 and you can get it at most drug stores.

I have also been obsessed with the fresh-faced look for a while now, so I have been exclusively doing a bronzer and brows look every day. Essentially, I use fake tanner once a week, usually on Sunday when I’m not exhausted from work. Then in the morning all I do for makeup before work is a little bit of bronzer and fill in my brows. It seriously makes me feel so natural and glowy.

My favorite bronzer currently is actually a drugstore product I stumbled upon in Walmart by Wet N Wild called Bikini Contest and its roughly $6. It’s a matte product that looks really natural when I layer it on top of my fake tan.

The final product I use in this look is a brow pencil which is just a $4 one from E.L.F. I have naturally really thick eyebrows, so I usually just run a pencil overtop to fill them in a little bit and call it a day.

So, there you have it! An easy and affordable way to feel sexy and sun kissed even when its dark and cold out! If anyone tries this look out, please send me the looks and maybe try it out on any Spring break trips coming up in March!

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