Dressing for Spring when it’s still cold

Spring Fever is here! I know its not even March yet and it snowed here in the Midwest 3 days ago; but we have also been getting an insane amount of rain and with that all the snow is gone and (hopefully!) so is winter. Today I want to share with you my favorite outfit to wear when I want to feel like spring when the weather is still cold.

Light colors, guys I am the queen of black. I’m talking my entire hamper is sometimes all black clothing I have a problem with only buying clothes in black. But lately I have been trading in the dark clothing for lighter colors because it gives me the false sense of spring weather. With spring I think of bright skies, blooming flowers, and cute summer colors. So instead of the black leggings and black sweater I usually wear I have been opting for light wash jeans and lots of light colors. While I am still a girl of neutrals, I usually wear white but it’s a step in the more colorful direction.

While we are talking about light wash jeans my absolute favorite pair are from Charlotte Russe and Jonah always makes fun of me for buying them with holes in them. They are super comfortable and pair great with whites as well as multiple styles of shirts because I am all about versatility in my wardrobe! If wearing pants with holes in them seems like it’ll be way too cold for your occasion switch them out for regular light wash jeans or even pair a cute pair of tights under your ripped jeans.

Another option for the people who don’t wear jeans, which I totally respect, are leggings with a cute pattern. Lularoe has awesome options as well as most department stores. Pairing them with a plain shirt can be totally chic and comfy for any occasion. The plus side to this is that a lot of legging companies are now making thermal leggings that are lined with fleece. This can help give you that spring attire and nobody needs to know that they are a winter wardrobe staple.

The outfit that inspired the spring wardrobe reboot to begin with is the one in the picture above. This is one of the only shirts in this style I have but I adore it. You guys, we are talking I have to wash this shirt weekly because it’s all I want to wear outside of work. The combination of the flowly design and the white with my light jeans makes me feel like it’s spring even when it’s cold outside. To counteract the chilly weather, you can pair this shirt with a thick jacket or even a cute oversized cardigan. Dressing for spring doesn’t mean you have to freeze so by all means bundle up if you’re going to be outside a lot!

I usually opt to wear my white vans with this outfit to really tie together the whole “light and breezy” effect however thanks to all the snow, rain, and mud I have been reluctant to brave the white shoes. Instead when the weather is bad I wear my grey booties from Charlotte Russe. Another super cute option is colorful rain boots! Brighten up the entire outfit with your favorite pair of galoshes, a white tshirt, and a jacket to match the whole thing.

This look is great for any occasion whether it be studying at Starbucks or just hanging out with friends. All the cabin fever has me itching to get outside and this look doesn’t help the problem. It’s also great for no makeup days to really get that fresh-faced look that spring is all about! Dressing for spring when the weather is still stuck in winter can be fun and give you a lot of variety to choose from so get out your spring clothes from the back of the closet and start mixing and matching your way into March!

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