How to wear oversized accesories

Looking into the past year of my fashion favorites I think I can nail the one highlight of every outfit; oversized accessories. Now before you lose me at the thought of Paris Hilton sized sunglasses lets consider the circumstances that allow for gigantic statement pieces. Do I recommend you wear a flowing floor length dress with a big gemstone necklace and hoop earrings the size of DVD’s? No. That would be a bit of an overkill and quite frankly it might weigh you down. But what I can recommend is spicing up understated outfits with pieces that draw the eye towards your best features.

Chunky Necklaces

The biggest downfall to my wardrobe is the lack of color. Nearly everything I own is either black, white, or nude. Normally, this would not be of much concern but when it’s the middle of winter and everything outside is dead you need some color to brighten things up. Against a plain shirt a chunky necklace can be a saving grace. Whether you prefer long chains with big pennants or art deco style chokers, this style can add a pop to any outfit and can be just a bit of color without disrupting the neutral color pallet we all adore.


Big sunglasses

Contrary to the 2018 trend of itty bitty sunglasses, I have fully embraced big sunglasses in all their 2001 glory. Whether they are large aviators or wayfarer style, large sunglasses frame your face and draw the eyes up creating the illusion that your face is thinner. My perfect pair of sunglasses this past year were butterfly shaped which helped add angles and bring out my (barely noticeable) cheekbones.


I have made it my goal to wear more earrings in 2019. Don’t get me wrong because I love to rock a pair of big pearls or knock off diamonds on the off occasion. However, most of the time I’m in a big hurry and forget or being on the phone all day just irritates my ears. But after plunging into the hoop trend this past year it’s my personal mission to always incorporate big earrings into my outfits. From Frisbee sized hoops or big gem studs, oversized earrings add an extra bit of pizazz, especially when paired with a neutral makeup look.


My absolute favorite accessory is rings. From dainty knuckle rings to simple bands, rings can bring out the best manicure. Yet again, I am a neutral manicure girl. The way I add some color to my otherwise bland hands? Big rings. A huge stone of any color right on your index finger is the perfect excuse to show off your hands.



What is your favorite oversized accessory to wear? Share below!

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