How to wear white after Labor Day

It’s an ongoing controversy in my family on when its officially the “fall season”. Is it September 1st? September 21st? When the weather gets cold? While my mom insists that fall decorations need to wait until at least October, I am putting up leaves and packing away my bikini by September 1st. (What can I say I am a TOTAL sucker for this season.

So, while I am swapping out my wardrobe for the new season the inevitable happened where I have to cross a line between out of season clothes and ones that can be swapped in with a sweater even during the cold months. While I have never been the type to follow the “no white after Labor Day” rule of thumb (because honestly who has the time?) I am also fashion forward enough to know how hard it is to pull off a white sundress in November.

So how do I make the 50 white shirts I have in my closet work with my winter clothes? The outfit I chose today was easy peasy because of the shade of white I had. Having a creamy white helps offset the cold/warm colors and helps blend them a bit better. I am usually a total sucker for bright whites, but the off-white color of this spotted shirt caught my attention for how versatile it could be when pairing it with maroons and browns for a pop of color in the fall.

What is great about white shirts as a whole is how they can be paired with both light and dark denim to create a year-round wardrobe. During the spring and summer, I pair my white shirts with light blue shades of jeans to create a bright, sunny look. In the fall however, I switch out the light wash for dark blue jeans to create a warmer look. It’s still relatively warm where I live so I haven’t quite broken out the boots yet but instead decided on black flats with a side cutout to add length to my outfit.

Since I am keeping this outfit pretty relaxed I did not accessorize too much and opted to just pair a brown strapped watch to draw my look together. The offwhite of this shirt paired nicely with the brown while the black spots still allowed some room to choose either brown or black shoes. I’m not very big on mixing browns and blacks when it can be helped but I think it worked well with this outfit to do so. When it gets colder out I intend to wear this outfit with my maroon leather jacket and swap out my flats for black booties to keep some practicality involved (even though I totally have no problem freezing my butt off for the sake of fashion because a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do).

So instead of packing away your entire summer wardrobe for another year see what can be mixed into fall outfits. White does not have to be reserved for the warm weather and can be used as a neutral backdrop under warm colors and even brighten up typically dark outfits.

Happy Fall y’all! May your pumpkin spice latte’s be hot and your fall outfits be hotter. 😉

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