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Hey guys! Remember in my last post when I talked about my favorite Charlotte Russe pants? Well what do ya know here they are making another feature (because I wasn’t joking when I said they are the only pair I want to wear). As someone who works in a setting that requires business casual clothing 5 days a week I live for dressing lazy. A girl can only wear slacks and sweaters so much before her coworkers politely ask her to stop dressing like a 42-year-old cat lady.

This past weekend me and my best friend Kierstyn had a girl’s day complete with nails, Baskin Robins, shopping, and chick flicks; this gave me the perfect opportunity to dress cute but still keep it low key. This outfit is also Kierstyn certified which is a huge honor because if it gets her style approval you know it’s cute!

This entire outfit is based around my own laziness, so I wanted to go for minimal effort on all sides. I opted to skip styling my hair because I was not quite mentally prepared to blow dry it after my shower and instead of curling it I took a nap. (Let’s not judge, Saturdays are for relaxing) I threw on my favorite baseball cap to keep it cute but casual. The major plus of hats is that they let you have a stress free bad hair day (even when its entirely your own fault you’re having a bad hair day to begin with)

Next, I took a rule out of my Dressing Parisian handbook and paired a sheer white shirt with a black bralette underneath. This was a style risk I was eerie about, but I decided to take the risk and go a little French for the day. The verdict is thumbs up from me. If you’re not the type to wear risqué clothing or just feel a little weird I suggest trying a bandeau underneath or even a cute crop top. I tied a knot in the front because I wanted to add an extra detail to my, kinda sorta, plain outfit.

I probably don’t even have to rave about these pants again, but I will because THEY GO WITH EVERYTHING. I am a girl who loves comfort, especially on my lazy days, so I obviously had to wear my favorite pants that are not only casual but super comfy. These pants are actually Skinny Boyfriend jeans, so they don’t suffocate me but aren’t as baggy as boyfriend jeans.

The final detail that I added to this outfit was this sweater. Now, don’t get me wrong I love me a warm, baggy sweater. HOWEVER, I was actually very bitter about wearing this because I was SO ready to dress for warm weather and enjoy the start of spring in all its glory. But leave it to Illinois to make sure it was only 50ish so just warm enough to tease me with my spring clothes.

This is my favorite outfit when I want to be stylish but don’t want to put in a lot of effort (AKA every day of my life) It’s also compiled of basic items in my wardrobe, so I can mix and match depending on the day and my mood. Here’s to hoping I can break out my summer clothes soon and ditch the sweaters!

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