Valentine’s day in a Long distance relationship

Alright guys the day of the year has come; while I usually do not partake in Valentines day festivities this year I had a change of heart and decided that I really freaking love Valentines day. (Idk why y’all I’m feeling the love) So while I usually don’t mind my long-distance relationship its these types of days where I hate it a lot. Instead of being smugly in love this year I am spending my Wednesday night alone, probably eating my weight in conversation hearts. So instead of spending hours reading every couples Instagram post professing their love to each other (no hate because I’m definitely one of them @Calamari.el) I have decided not to let 158 miles stop me from being grossly in love with my boyfriend!

SO what exactly are you supposed to do when attempting to celebrate the day of love from another state? You improvise! This year I decided to surprise Jonah with a pizza on his lunch break at work. While it’s usually traditional for men to send their girlfriends flowers I wanted to be romantic too and there is nothing my boy loves more than pizza. Its’ something small that lets him know I was thinking about him during the day.

Next, I wrote out an incredibly mushy text message for him. You know the one that tells him how much I love him and how much better my life is with him in it (I know gag if you’re not one of the 2 people in this relationship) But even if being corny isn’t really your thing most everyone likes getting a reminder that they are loved, especially on a day when love is being shoved down your throat every time you turn around. It’s a rule of thumb that Valentines day is a free pass to be as in your face about love as you want. So, send a message, or if you really want to go big a singing telegram, that lets your significant other know that you care.

Me and Jonah are kind of cheating this year by spending the weekend after Valentines day together but regardless we want to test out having a date over Facetime. Instead of the usual Facetime call we really commit to each other for an hour. We don’t play videogames or watch TV, we sit and talk as if we were on a real date. You wouldn’t believe how refreshing it is to have an hour where it feels like you’re really valuing your time together. I am the first person to admit that I am constantly flipping through Instagram with Jonah on in the background playing video games, but I don’t realize how little we actually talk and pay full attention to each other until we cut out all the distractions.

Alright so this next one is something I personally have not tried but would love to do eventually and that’s watch a movie together while on Facetime. I have a super short attention span and movies are not really my thing (but I’m working on it) so I haven’t even braved trying to pay attention to one while I have Jonah on the phone near me because I won’t shut up and he will get annoyed. But couples who love watching movies together should definitely try this because all those cute movies about long distance relationships do it and if they can you can to!

I know being in a long-distance relationship is hard. It feels even harder when everyone else gets to see their boyfriend/girlfriend everyday and you have to plan an entire excursion to see yours. But love is all about the person and not about fancy dinners and special days so even if you love Valentine’s day remember that it’s just a day on the calendar. Whenever I start missing Jonah a lot he always reminds me that the situation isn’t permanent, and we always see each other soon; so while I wish I could spend everyday with him making memories the love is still there and that’s the best part anyway!

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